Muscle tension? Day to Day soreness? Sat at a desk all day? Here’s how a remedial massage can help;

Remedial massage is one of the most effective, cheapest and readily available methods in which to either overcome or prevent muscle soreness and pain. Common examples of this can include soreness and aching in neck, shoulders and generalised lower back.

Remedial massage differs from relaxation massage in that it targets soft

 tissues, and trigger points to not only provide short term relieve from the pain but also to improve muscle functions and tackle the problem areas on are longer term basis.

As well as controlling the movement of our body, muscle pain or dysfunction is also a major onset for organ conditions such as Headaches, Angina and abdominal pain. For example, Trigger points in and around the neck caused by hypertonic muscles can radiate pain around the head leading to tension headaches.
Trigger points or muscle soreness can be bought on by a number of different factors, the most common being repetitive strain injuries, classic cases of these include injuries known as Golfers Elbow or Jumpers Knee, specific injuries such as whiplash or sports injuries, and postural alignment issues that are often magnified if your lifestyle involves being in one position for long periods of time (sitting at a desk).

Remedial massage at Pentons Performance Therapy involves a client assessment in which postural alignment is assessed whereby muscle tightness and any potential hypertonic muscles can be located and treated upon. Techniques focus on both deep and superficial tissues not dissimilar to those used in Sports Massage.
In-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology is required to correct and normalise muscle tensions to encourage pain relief, correct posture and enable the body to move and perform to its optimal.


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