Meet The Team

At Pentons Performance Therapy everything we do is centered
around you. From the initial consultation to ongoing support
throughout rehabilitation and beyond, we have spent years
studying and training to ensure you can get the most out
of your body. 

Jamie Penton
Jamie comes from a Sports Science background and has a love for al things biomechanical. He has always been passionate about sport, exercise and the human body, and spent the best part of 3 years testing the human body to its most extreme limits meaning he really understand how to get the most out of it.

Jamie specialises in injury diagnosis and improving
movement patterns through manual therapy and joint
mobilisation. He will work with you to not only fix your
injury or concerns but will ensure you have everything you
need to prevent the injury reoccuring but also to ensure your
return to your sport/exercise stronger than before.

In his spare time Jamie can be found out on his bike or walking Smeagle.

Hannah Church

Hannah holds an undergrad degree in both Rehabilitation and Massage. Hannah's passion for Sports conditioning and resistance training has taken our aftercare
services to the next level. Her focus and attention to detail when it
comes to rehabilitating clients is second to none and means she
will get you back to your sport/exercises stronger, healthier
and most importantly injury free. 

When not with clients Hannah can often been found training in
the gym, coaching in the swimming pool or out with her dog __


Arguably the most important member of the team. Smeagle is responsible for brand awareness and marketing. She Specialises in being super cute, box jumping and unfortunately rolling in fox poo. She will often accompany you in your treatment next to her friends in the fish tank.