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5 reasons why regular Sports Massage should be part of your training regime

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

When trying to promote and advertise sports massage it’s very easy to real off lots of presumed benefits, increased flexibility, reduction in muscular pain and discomfort, reduced stress etc. and whilst these might all be true there are many more reasons why finding a good quality sports massage therapist is essential alongside life and training. Here are our top 5 reasons why regular treatments with us are a must.

1. Prevention is better than cure!

With regular treatments at Pentons Performance Therapy, we are able to keep on top of muscle imbalances/tightness that if left untreated can lead to niggles and injuries which could prevent you from training. We can monitor progression and changes within your muscles and offer training advice and Prehabilitation work and exercises to keep you in tip top shape and get the most from your training.

2. Treatments become more effective.

Initially treatments can be a little uncomfortable, especially if your body is stressed or tight within the soft tissue. Due to the muscle memory, chronically tight muscles will naturally want to revert to their hyper or hypotonic state post-treatment. Follow up treatments are often a lot more enjoyable and comfortable, whilst the body can respond quicker to massage with effects lasting noticeably longer.

3. Adds a positive routine to training.

Training for sport puts a huge load through the body both mentally and physically. Of course, rest days are important to allow the adaptations to occur, they give you something to look forward to and break up training. Having a regular massage can help with motivation for training, it gives a much rewarded physical and mental break training. It can be a huge mental stress reliefer and ensure a complete flush out of the muscles that are being loaded heavily.

4. A long-term investment.

Sports massage is a fantastic way to ease fatigued muscles and improve performances; It is also incredible for your long-term health. Massage keeps muscles fully functional which allows you to keep using them as they were designed to be used. Massage and sports therapy keep injuries away meaning you can keep yourself in the best possible shape. Along with its psychological benefits such as reducing stress, anxiety and increasing self esteem Sports massage is a great way of looking after your well being throughout life.

5. Sleep better than you ever have before!

After treatments at Pentons Performance Therapy many of our client’s feedback that they slept like a baby afterwards. Sports massage has been proven to increase the serotonin levels within our bodies, this increases happiness levels. Serotonin also forms melatonin which is the hormone that helps us fall asleep. As any athlete will tell you sleep is the best form of the recovery for the body and is essential alongside heavy training loads.

Our client retention rates at Pentons Performance Therapy are extremely high, once people have experienced what we have to offer they simply can’t wait to book in again. Don’t wait for injury to strike before coming to see us, make Sports massage a regular occurrence alongside your training and you will be able to train harder, recover faster and achieve more!

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