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Pentons Performance Coaching 

Why Choose us as your running coach?

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Everything we do as a business is science based and backed up with research and results. This is no different with our Run Coaching. We always adapt the athlete first approach and believe customer service is the umber one priority. By Signing up to our run coaching programs you will receive unrivaled support to help you smash your goals. 

All of our running programs are headed up by Jacob, find out more about him below.

About Jacob

Jacob has been running for over 10 years, each year growing and building on his skills, fitness and experience. having relished his time in the USA at Wingate, he has stepped up to the half marathon and marathon distances on the road. Currently Jacob holds Personal Best of:

5km - 14.41    10km - 31.20    Half Marathon - 68.28

He is currently training hard for London marathon where he has a championship entry for 2024. Jacob Holds a passion for coaching and is willing to work with everyone to achieve their goals.

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What YOU can achieve with us!

Not everyone has the same goals, and not everyone has the same experience with running, but that is not an issue. Whether you are lacing up a brand new pair of shoes for the first time, or whether you're retiring your pair of old reliables, everyone can succeed. Not only will you begin to grow your levels of fitness and endurance with us, but you will also build your confidence, relax your mind, and gain a greater sense of self-worth. Running does not always have to be about beating the next person. It is also about bettering yourself as a person, Individually tailored and personalised plans will take you on a journey to achieving your fitness goals, whether they are race and distance related, or personal and mental health related. Working with Jacob will allow you to adapt and overcome problems with solutions, face fears, and find results through challenges.  

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